Why Hungary?

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Despite the fact that the fall of the “Eastern bloc” now lies more than 25 years in the past,  the average Western European still looks at the countries of Central Europe (which includes Hungary: Eastern Europe – and Greece for that matter – are situated further “east”…) with the same eyes as during the Cold War. It is of course a fact that Hungary was drawn within the Communist sphere of influence but in the meantime the country has recovered its thousand year old identity and the Hungarians are again a free nation that is proud of its history and culture, as demonstrated by its infrastructure and accessibility. “Trabants” are in Hungary as rare as here… Neither Communism nor any other storm in Europe in the past managed to erode the beautiful nature and cultural heritage of Hungary.

M0 snelweg M3 snelweg
M0 around Budapest                              M3 direction Tiszafüred               and direction Tiszafüred.                  and lake Tisza holiday homes.

The country is part of the EU and is a Schengen country which makes it not only possible for us to travel in and out without further formalities, but both products offered and distributors are the same as in our country (Lidl, Aldi, Ikea, Media Markt, etc). Hungary has kept its own currency (the Forint) which – combined with lower wages and comprehensive service (supermarkets and shops are often open from 6-22h, also on Sundays) – make your stay not only practical enjoyable but – compared to our standards – also dirt cheap. There is no reason for you to convert en masse your own currency in Forints: you can use your bankcard at the local bank’s ATM (in English).

Lidl Market Tesco02
Lidl Tiszafüred                                           Tesco Tiszafüred

Although tourism in Hungary is “booming business” it does not suffer from the unfortunate mass tourism syndrome of many other sunny destinations. In Hungary, you can still enjoy a quiet relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings without being herded there by touroperators whose clients often “enjoy” their holiday like a flock of sheep (time and again the same buffet…) and where you have to spread your towel (at 6 or 7 in the morning…) to spend the rest of the day like fish in a barrel at the pool of the hotel.

szabadstrand02 bootje varen07
The Szabadstrand at Tiszafüred next to lake Tisza holiday homes.

Tiszafüred – capital of the lake Tisza region – is one such place, where you – in comfort – can spend a relaxing holiday close to the water and enjoy the fantastic nature of the region, not only with all the facilities at hand but also with an incredible sense of calm and well-being, combined with trips to vibrant cities but also with the opportunity to enjoy Hungarian culture and UNESCO world heritage.

Eger03 Eger01
The castle and the beautiful town centre of Eger.

Lake Tisza holiday homes offer you private holiday homes with all comforts, situated directly on the shore of Lake Tisza and within walking distance of all facilities needed to make your holiday a wonderful experience.

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