Dining out in Tiszafüred

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Dining out in Hungary is dirt cheap compared to our country because of low wages.  This is even more the case in a provincial town like Tiszafüred than in the larger cities. For less than 10 Euros you can be absolutely sure to enjoy a decent meal in what is commonly called the “better restaurants“, and often you succeed in this for half this sum or even less, for example in the restaurants at the Szabadstrand (150m from our Lake Tisza Holiday Homes), or at the Nemzeti étterem (étterem = restaurant) in the town center of Tiszafüred where – for 2.5 eurosa menu of the day is served: fresh soup & main course (on weekdays only – choice of three different menus of the day).

  strand horeca01  Nemzeti etterem
    Restaurant at Szabadstrand                  Nemzeti étterem (town center)

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“The Old Fishermanon the road No. 33 Tiszafüred
Menu of the day: 850 HUF (2,9 €).

placsintàk  bootPancakes with fillings: 50 Euro cents …      Floating restaurant – Tiszafüred

Note that in Hungary the rule is that a tip of 7% is given to the catering staff. The city also has a couple of ice cream & cake salons. Below we picture a few restaurant (we can not show all catering establishments in and around the city state, this is just a sample view):

Hableany  Park Etterem
Habléany restaurant – Tiszafüred                Park restaurant – Tiszafüred

Molnar   König
Molnar restaurant – Tiszafüred                    König pizzeria – Tiszafüred

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