The lake Tisza Ecocentrum

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The lake Tisza Ecocentrum” (Tisza-tavi Ökocentrum), located in Poroszló (10 km from Lake Tisza Holiday Homes, on the opposite bank of Lake Tisza in Hungary) collects and displays the rich flora and fauna of the Tisza valley and the lake, the second largest in Hungary. The four-story, 2,600-square-foot visitor center has permanent exhibitions, a 3D movie show and a huge freshwater aquarium with a capacity of more than 735,000 liters. The natural-looking displays create an unforgettable experience for the visitor.
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Besides the tourism Ecocentre focuses on education. Exploring the exhibitions and participate in one of the special activities can be an exciting and practical addition to providing lessons for biology students in elementary and secondary schools and even universities.

The modern conference room in the main building, for about 100 people, is an excellent location for scientific lectures, conferences and other events.
The Ecocentrum It is also intended to fulfill community services.  It is home to the local water police and the storm warning system of the lake (on the top of the tower).

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Within the walls of the Ecocentrum you directly enter the extraordinary world of lake Tisza and you can study the native species in the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe. The aquarium – with a capacity of more than 735,000 liters – is a smaller copy of the ecosystem of the lake. You can observe fish, amphibians and other animals, as if it were during a walk on the bottom of the lake itself.
The aquarium at level -1 contains more than 40 indigenous Hungarian species and about 15 amphibians and reptiles. This unique collection has an important educational function, and can serve as an exciting “field trip”.

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A complete PDF document with things to see & do on and around Lake Tisza Holiday Homes in Hungary will be mailed to you after reservation and payment of the deposit so you can start to dream and plan!